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"I will not forget Shanti Mai or her energy. I saw and felt that energy upon entering the church [for Satsang]. I still hear her words of insight, especially about looking at others as a reflection of self."

-Linda Todd, Eugene, Oregon


Shanti's emotional healing work always combines compassion with loving challenge.

From an early age, life forced Shanti Mai to trust her intuition. She cannot imagine living life without it! She is an also an empath, feeling her clients’ emotions as if they were her own – so emotional healing is natural for her.
Emotional blocks can lead to illness, frustration, confusion, self-sabotage, divorce, depression...emotional healing is the first step.


A: When a child is afraid to ride a bike, is it compassionate to let them simply quit and not try again? No. What’s compassionate is to challenge them to face their fears - with your support.

When a client is stuck, what’s loving and compassionate is for me to show them how to be free. I sit with them through their darkness, through their fear, and hold the space, with them, that is unchanging - - that is their own true Nature.

A: Do you remember the movie Groundhog Day? Phil, Bill Murray’s character, lived through the same day hundreds, maybe thousands of times. Everything was the same except his response to it, yet the results were radically different.

Phil finally realized that he had a choice to make, and that his choice made a huge difference in the life he experienced.

Until we’re willing to stop denying our emotions - and assumptions - like Phil, we are on “automatic pilot”. By acknowledging our feelings and beliefs about the world, we gain perspective. We realize that there are other choices we can make.

It’s easier to face fear and other intense feelings with another person. With a loving, calm and objective presence, we can choose to resonate with the part of us that matches their awareness.

Shutting down to fear or anger shuts you down. Everything that reminds you of that fear - or could possibly lead to it is off-limits! Often a client sitting with me will face their greatest fear – and, ironically, feel great relief! Feel joy, even!

A: To prepare for your appointment:
1) Quiet time before the session is recommended, if possible, especially if you live a high-stress, mental-focused lifestyle - - and I would include most of you on the East coast of the USA in that category!
2) If your session is on the phone, do whatever you can to make sure you won't be interrupted.
3) Thinking in advance about your questions is suggested, but don’t plan to take notes during the session. I want you to be engaged with what we're doing at the moment, not trying to preserve that moment in formaldehyde for some time in the future!
All sessions (except the 90-minute Catalyst Sessions) are recorded, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to take notes when you listen to it the 2nd (or third) time.
4) Sometimes a client has a feeling that they should contact me, but they're not sure why. Sitting quietly with the feeling of not knowing is a good idea in that case. If sitting quietly is not possible, start to monitor, to observe, what you’re doing, thinking, feeling. That will do for preparation, too!

A: You'll be sent a link to a high-resolution digital recording of your session emailed to you, generally within 24 hours of your session's completion. From there you can easily download it to your computer, or onto a CD.

A: Weekly sessions are available for deep-seated issues, but plan to be going double-time relative to a standard counseling mode. For that reason, many clients with chronic issues choose to have their first two sessions several weeks apart - or the first two sessions close together and then a month before the next one. IT IS TOTALLY UP TO YOU, how you choose to proceed following your GPS Session - your first session.
I give homework, so booking a follow-up session will make sure that you do that homework!

Note: Nearly all of the testimonials were given after one session.
Sherpa Sessions is what our follow-up work is called. Like a mountain climber, you can always choose to scale the heights alone - - but you might also choose to bring someone along who has gone numerous times before, and has led many others!

A: From an early age, I realized I was an empath - I could feel other people’s feelings - and later realized that it could be useful to others. But first I had to learn to handle it myself. It wasn't easy!

I’ve been interested in spirituality and intuition since I was 9 or 10. It was called ESP then – Extra Sensory Perception (meaning beyond one’s own senses). Anything you put your attention on grows, so the amount of attention I’ve put on “ESP” since I was 10 is plenty! My intuition helped me to navigate through some very frightening and dangerous life experiences, and became my “saving grace”. I’ve worked on it a lot!
I’m skilled at having an "empty mind" (see next answer, below) when a client needs me. This is one reason I love my work so much – it aids me in being who I really am, too.

A: Psychology takes an analytical approach to what the client says, experiences, and feels, and matches that to categories, to diagnoses based on previous cases. This is not to say that a psychologist may not have an intuitive understanding, but that is not their training, not the paradigm they’re oriented to work within.

My approach is quite different: My mind comes into the process when needed - it does not "start the show". I refer to it - to choose a specific word, to choose an analogy, or to cite a specific example. This is why clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience can, and do, occur: I have no belief or agenda, nothing of “me” to get in the way.
I experience myself as if I am you, the client - without the history or the beliefs involved with being you. I experience your feelings, but with the important addition of compassion, and objectivity.

A: Years ago, I was a sign language interpreter (among many other things!). I see Deaf clients in person if possible, and video conferencing is set up using FaceTime or Skype for Deaf clients from other areas.

A: What happens in your session is strictly private. Never will your name be used without your permission - or your issues discussed with any identifying information attached, and the recording of your session is in an online folder that only you and I have access to.
Note: I often don’t remember what happened in a particular session, as I’m not operating in a very linear way while I’m doing them! For Sherpa Sessions I will re-listen to your GPS (initial) Session before your appointment.

A: No. I cannot control what you do with the information I give you, so I cannot promise that you will heal. That’s up to you and perhaps also what you have planned (on a soul level) for this lifetime.

A: In the case of a sudden death, the deceased sometimes feel confusion and perhaps lack the awareness that they have died. Otherwise, they are fine and do not need our help. It is generally those they leave behind who need the emotional healing. It is deeply meaningful to me to do such work.

I experience the energy the same way I do the living – it feels the same. The messages come through in the same way, although a bit more visually (more clairvoyance) than most of my readings. Those who have passed on often show me personally significant items – things that were important to them or meaningful in terms of their relationship with the person requesting the reading. Closure can be obtained in this way, as it confirms the eternal nature of the loved one, and the eternal nature of the relationship.

A: Yes! I feel their feelings and have a sense of what they need, of what you can do for them.
Once a client thought she should find another home for one of her two dogs, as he seemed so unhappy. I sensed, though, that it was quite the opposite, that the dog needed her to be very clear in letting him know that she loved him. She needed to "claim" him strongly, and not be passive about his happiness or lack of it. Things changed rapidly when she took my advice, and she still has both dogs. Both are quite happy!

A: Most people have heard plenty about the mind / body connection. Often, when we haven’t gotten the message in any other way, the body will send it loud and clear.
In the past several years, my work has gone more strongly in the direction of health and wellness, more deeply into the emotional and psychological components of illness and of health. It is, of course, important for you to understand that my work does not take the place of your doctor’s advice! Having said that, in my 30s, I myself healed from multiple allergies - which had grown quite severe - through facing deep, buried memories.

A: Not generally. I am a trained Reiki Master, for example, but in my experience, Energy Healing cannot take the place of emotional healing; if the root issues are not acknowledged or dealt with, it’s hard for any externally-sourced healing to be permanent.
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What clients are saying:

"Wise, compassionate, irreverent, honest. Shanti Mai has walked a step ahead of us, and I'm glad she's turned around to give me a hand up, so that I can benefit from her experience."

- Tod Markum, Schenectady, New York


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