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"Shanti Mai is one of those rare people with loving insights that
can really help us to see ourselves clearly. I asked Shanti a serious question that was bugging me and she gave me a very insightful answer that immediately made sense and resolved my concern."

- Charlotte Brown, Austin, Texas


An opportunity to find your deepest truth, to learn what truth feels like, to experience and confirm your own inner Knowing. Shanti teaches constructive methods to handle fear and how to make personal changes with self-compassion and deep honesty.

Available in ASL (American Sign Language)

For on-going clients, we'll work closely with your own symbols (don't worry, you've got them!), and develop your awareness of - and trust in - your intuition. Our hours are a full hour, and you'll always be left with "homework", something to focus on, to practice, or to think about, between sessions. Each session is one of a kind. We'll focus, too, on developing self-compassion, playfulness and humor - all in the midst of self-honesty!

My Intuitive Counseling doesn't involve tarot cards, astrology, palm reading, numerology or any other tools.

A: We are literally all connected to everything, so tuning in to
our connection is not really that mysterious or difficult, itís
just that itís not something most of us have practiced.

Intuitive or psychic readers who use cards or other tools
use the tools as a jumping off place or to confirm their
intuition - and sometimes as a focus for their clients. I have
been so analytically trained that such tools (astrology, etc.)
tend to be counterproductive to me. They are also not
necessary for me.

A: I sit quietly with my client to start. If they are present with me (not a phone session), I have them hold my hands and look into my eyes. It has nothing to do with hypnosis. When you sit with a quiet mind gazing into the eyes of another, you start to sense the Oneness, you start to see the other seeing You. It helps you to see yourself when someone is looking at you with no agenda, with no preconceived ideas, looking at you with innocence.

Itís very important to me that my clients sense, as much as possible, the truth that I feel and that I impart to them. I want them to have a learning experience, to know that they can learn to do this themselves. Otherwise, all they can do is trust me, or not. And thatís not enough.

Sometimes when I sit silently with a client, I sense a strong emotion. If so, I tell them that and we go back to silence. When I feel weíve dropped into a sense of no-mind connectedness (or as close as the client can get to this), we begin. Generally, if Iíve felt a strong feeling in them, this ends up being a focus of our session later, as it unfolds.

I simply follow my intuitive guidance. Sometimes I will hear a specific word or phrase (clairaudience). Sometimes I will suddenly Know (clairsentience) what is needed, what is true for my client.

I also ask my client what their question or concern is. It is not a one-sided equation!

A: I donít feel the need to label it as anything other than our Oneness.* (You can, if you want.) All I need to know is that it is not coming from the limits of my personal mind. We are connected, so itís not mysterious to me. We are all part of the same One, the same Divinity.

*I prefer information I can use. For astrologers, my Capricorn Ascendant is opposed by Uranus and sextile Mercury Ė I like information I can apply and I like to use information for CHANGE! Sun & Mercury are in Pisces with Mercury trine Uranus and sextiling my Moon/Jupiter conjunction, so the information comes - that's what's important to me.

If some day a guide wants acknowledgement (I canít imagine why such a Being would be at the level to care!), Iíll tell you about it. Iíve had many other mystical experiences and honestly, I wouldnít mind.



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What clients are saying:

"I can't thank you enough for today. Your love is powerful and I felt you touch my heart. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you."

Mahalo again....
Aloha, Abe

- Abraham Leonard, Waimanalo, Hawaii


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