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"I'm someone with a life-long interest in Metaphysics and eastern spiritual traditions who is nonetheless skeptical of many Healers and psychics, but it only took me a few minutes of working with Shanti Mai to determine that she was the genuine article."

- Bill Bardo, Eugene, Oregon


When done by others often involves the use of tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, psychometry, and the like - but can also be done by quieting the mind. Intuition is present when we are still. This is how I work.

Shanti's readings are generally done by phone session. If you’d like to be informed of in-person availability at psychic fairs, healing expos, etc., please join our email list. You’ll be able to catch Shanti Mai if she travels to your area - and you can alternately invite her to do a workshop in your town. Shanti Mai and her Prius - or Shanti Mai and an airline - just may come your way. :~)

The term "Intuitive Reading" of “Psychic Reading” often evokes images of fortune-telling, and can be a passive experience. Accurate or not, such a reading doesn’t generally change the way you move through your life. It may be interesting, or flashy or even scary (to your mind, of course), but not necessarily life-changing. My work is not a passive experience, but one that unearths and nurtures your own Knowing, your own intuitive Wisdom. Our work together is very likely to change your life. (Just look at my many testimonials.)

Although Shanti Mai is knowledgeable about Astrology, Numerology, and other mediums, she doesn't use them in her work; she reads Energy (can feel the resonance of truth - or the lack of it!) and is also Clairaudient and Clairsentient and is an Empath.


A: Literally “clear hearing” and “clear knowing”, without the overlay of expectations or attachments of any sort. Most people have heard of clairvoyance, of psychic or inner sight. Seeing visions. That happens occasionally in my work.

More often, though, I will suddenly know the answer, feel it deeply in my body or I will hear a phrase or a specific word and simply repeat it to the client. This latter is literally “heard”.

I am also an Empath, and feel my client’s emotions as if they were my own. This happens especially when there is a disconnect - if my client has been blocking anger, or grief. This is, of course, quite helpful when the client is confused, unaware of their emotions. -SM

A: Are you confused or frustrated? If so, you can expect more clarity about who you are, where you’re going, and how you got (maybe again!) - where you do not want to be.

A session can shed light on health concerns, help you find your true work, have a deeper understanding of your pets, develop and confirm your own intuition, help bring health and balance to your relationships, help you find the reason for your depression.

A: "Intuitive Reading" is a phrase people often search for when looking for clarity, for guidance. And that’s what a spiritual teacher is all about – providing guidance and clarity. Intuitive Readings are an opportunity to teach, to heal.

My work is not about superficial predictions; If you don’t want to risk gaining some deep self-awareness, don’t call me; it's likely to happen to you!

A: No. I can tell you what I sense as the strongest potential at the time of your appointment. You and others have decisions to make which can change the outcome. I can tell you what I feel to be your strongest need at that time.

A: Not without their permission - on a psychic or energetic level. In that case, it feels like a block – a discernable barrier - when I tune in to them. Generally, we can proceed just dealing with you, in that situation - and that tends to provide us with plenty to work with.
I’ll only do this (reading someone without their permission) for friends or family who are concerned about the other person’s well-being – or their own well-being, if it’s a business situation, and they’re concerned about whether the other person can be trusted.

A: Absolutely not! I honor my work and I honor you. I prefer clarity and “clean” energy! (I, too, generally don’t like people trying to sell me anything! Think about it: I can feel a set-up, and it is really something I do not enjoy!)

A: Not in most cases. Generally there is enough to learn about in the current situation - and that takes precedence. If you would like to do past life regression, we can do it in a Catalyst Session, after your GPS Session.

A: Yes.
I would love to do a reading for you if you have unfinished business with someone who has passed, particularly if the passing has been in the past few years. In that case, I feel the energy the same way that I do with those who are still in the body.

A: Absolutely! I can easily feel the feelings of cats, dogs, and other pets. I can sense what they need, what you can do for them (see Emotional Healing).

A: Absolutely! I can easily feel the feelings of cats, dogs, and other pets.  I can sense what they need, what you can do for them (see Emotional Healing).

A: Everything has an energy field. A sensitive person can learn to “read” the field of an object and know something about its owner. That’s psychometry. If it's important to you, we can do that as part of an in-person session, but it is not generally a part of my work.



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I will continue to sing your praises and spread the word about your love and generosity to all that I meet. Thank you for being so generous with the gifts you have been given.

Life is beautiful and so are YOU,

- Joy Dulay, Newark, CA


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