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"I would highly recommend Shanti as a responsible Emotional Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Counselor. It was such a small investment to have gained so much." Thank you Shanti :)

- Valerie from Olympia, WA


Recognizing the Oneness at the basis of life, of our reality - experiencing it in a session, can have a powerful impact on your relationships, your work, prosperity issues, health – on any and every aspect of your life. It requires only a desire for truth and an interest in experiencing your unchanging nature, inner peace.

Shanti Mai can teach you to identify suppressed emotions and how to distinguish between intuitive guidance and your ego or mind. Can help you to find yourself, then teach you to begin to heal yourself.


A: A silent mind is the tool I use, a tool readily available to anyone. At our source, in what has been called the vacuum state, Creative Intelligence, The Field, and numerous other terms, we are very literally connected. Two book I love come to mind: The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. The Intention Experiment by Lynn McTaggart. Read them; you'll see what I mean, and you'll understand more about the basis of my work.

I begin any session with Silence, helping you to quiet your mind and body. In this silence, we are connected. It's easier for you to feel the truth.

I don't want you to just trust me; I want you to learn to trust yourself, to find what's really true for you. I want you to learn (or more accurately, remember) what Truth feels like.
Often we don't know what our truth is and are at odds with ourselves, believing our surface (and often, defensive!) thoughts.

This is why affirmations often don't create the change we desire - it's all icing on top of a rotten cake.
I call this effect "The Undertow", like the undertow under a seemingly calm ocean surface. If a serious or strong undertow is not dealt with, is not accounted for, you can easily end up out at sea. Our “undertows” are like that; they can easily take us
(again?) where we do not want to go.

A: That depends a lot on the reader or astrologer, but my experience with them shows these general differences:

1) I'm strong with my clients when they need it, and may be challenging if I feel guided to be so. You'll see these words in many of the testimonials - clients grateful for loving challenge. Perhaps you will be challenged, too - - not that it happens in every session. What I'm guided to do is what you are needing at this time. The sessions can be very different from each other.

2) I'm not willing to focus mostly on your future. That's no way to get there, as the only things you can change are right now.

3) I have a strong love for my clients and a strong energy field, so there is an element of healing involved, even though we may be talking about your work, or business, etc.

A: No. You don't have to believe in God by any name or concept whatsoever. Just be as open as possible.
Notice any fear, and certainly notice any skepticism. Tell me about it - then you won't need to keep showing your skepticism and acting it out. We can work a lot faster in this way.

A: No. Censoring never works. It reminds me of an analogy taught to me 30 years ago, and it's still useful. Picture a funnel above your head: If you reject what starts to come through the funnel because you can't see what the rest of it is, or because it's not what you thought you wanted, you'll never receive what was coming through.
My work is like that: No censoring ever works. It merely stops the process. 

A: For phone sessions, I scan the client's chakras (energy centers) before I call them. This orients me to what the session will entail. Both on the phone and in person, I sit quietly with my client to start. If they are present with me, I have them hold my hands and look into my eyes. When you sit with a quiet mind gazing into the eyes of another, you start to sense the Oneness. It helps you to see yourself when someone is looking at you with no agenda, with no preconceived ideas, looking at you with innocence.
I want my clients to have a learning experience, to know that, with experience, with practice, they can learn to do this for themselves.

Sometimes at the beginning of a session (when I sit silently with a client, or when I scan the chakras before a phone session), I sense a strong emotion. If so, I tell them that and we go back to silence. When I feel we’ve both “dropped” into a feeling of no-mind connectedness (or as close as the client can get to this), we begin. Generally, if I’ve felt a strong emotion in them, this ends up being a focus of our session later, as it unfolds.

I simply follow my intuitive guidance. I hear a specific word or phrase (clairaudience), particularly when I ask my clients a question. I often, too, suddenly Know (clairsentience) what is needed, what is true for my client, or why they shut down to a particular emotion, such as anger or grief.



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What clients are saying:
I have worked with Shanti Mai now three times, each time needing to find peace with myself. I now use the tools she has given me in my daily life. I am thankful to have met her and grateful for her loving and caring approach."

- Christina La Moglia (owner of The Park Salon in Glen Park)  San Francisco, CA


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