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What makes my weddings special? The personal and emotional component. I love to include hand-fasting, an old tradition which I use to allow friends and family of the couple to express their feelings, up close. Many who don't expect to take part in it later report that it was their very favorite part of the wedding - of ANY wedding. The line to partake often becomes quite long, and those in the audience are often beaming and / or streaming with tears.

Rates are competitive, and vary with need for travel, for the day-before practice dinner, etc. I always include a joint session (60 - 90 minutes alloted) for a joint session for the couple, to be used before the ceremony or any time up to 15 months after the wedding.




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What clients are saying:

"Within moments of sitting down with Shanti Mai she was able to access a deep and untapped place in my heart. In a brief, gentle session she helped heal years of pain."

- Noel Mitchell, Seattle, Washington


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