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Your "Auntie Dote"
Compassionately Changing Lives


Intuitive Readings / Relationship Counseling / Clinical Hypnosis Private Appointments and Phone Sessions with Shanti Mai, Your "Auntie Dote"

A free, high quality digital recording is included with all GPS and Sherpa Sessions. 

Appointments are available on weekends and evenings in addition to weekday hours, in order to accommodate your schedule.


The "GPS" Session
Your initial session will orient you, tell you how you got to be where you didn't 
want to be - and will give you tools for getting to your new destination. 

60 min. plus digital recording

Expedition Package
Like a mountain climber, you may choose to go it alone. But you want the services of a Sherpa -
or a Shanti :-) for help getting to the new heights you want to scale in your life, for making it through the more treacherous passes you know will be ahead.  

I always listen to the recording of your previous session before our follow-up work. You should, too - whether your sessions are bought individually or in our Special discounted Expedition Package.

THREE 60 min. Sherpa Sessions*. 4th Session FREE


Catalyst Sessions
Each begins with a 10 15 minute phone consultation, followed with a 90 minute appointment which can include Time Line Healing, Clinical Hypnosis, and / or NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). 

*If an Expedition Package has been purchased, and you would like to upgrade one or more of your follow-up (Sherpa) sessions to a 90-minute Catalyst Session, an additional $50 can be paid at the time that appointment is made.  No worries!  In this case,  the 10 15 minute phone consult may be waived (not needed), as this is for the purpose of clarifying the direction, tools and methodology Shanti feels your work together needs to take.
Up to 105 minutes

If you have a time-sensitive issue:
1) Make your payment. 
2) Then both Call and Email with the times you are available in the next 72 hours. 
I will try to fit your specific timing requests, so please be clear about the time periods that work best for you.

If you follow this protocol, I commit to offering you an appointment which falls within the next 72 hrs. If you are in my time zone (Pacific), it may well be within the next 48 hrs. 

All Major Credit Cards and bank cards accepted. With your card, you can pay using PayPal. You can also use PayPal for making a transfer from your checking account.


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What clients are saying:

"Shanti Mai will show you things about yourself and about your life that you think you can't bear to see. And you'll relieved, maybe even laughing, maybe even forgiving yourself. She's a gift!"

- Karilee Barnes, Oakland, California


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