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Relationship sessions are joint sessions lasting an hour to an hour and a half. Each person meets individually with Shanti Mai, developing compassion for the other and learning to see their own role in the drama.

Seeing how the other serves as our own mirror can help us to handle what we can change, which is merely ourselves. Feeling from the other's viewpoint helps us to drop our guard and see the situation with clarity and freshness.

Then both (or all, in the case of family work) come together and share, with Shanti's guidance and assistance, what is needed in order to proceed in a healthier way.

One joint GPS (initial) Session can bring enough clarity to get off to a fresh start, newly equipped with a depth of mutual understanding and personal tools.

Sherpa Sessions are great for couples, families, and others who desire further expert guidance for cresting the challenges of relationship.



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What clients are saying:

"Within moments of sitting down with Shanti Mai she was able to access a deep and untapped place in my heart. In a brief, gentle session she helped heal years of pain."

- Noel Mitchell, Seattle, Washington


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