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- Your life is not what you meant it to be
- You've got a serious decision to make
- You feel lost or confused
- You keep ending up in the same unpleasant situation

Ask Yourself...
- Are you ready to take an active role in your own healing? If so, You can benefit from working with Shanti Mai.

Shanti begins by helping you to silence your mind,
becoming fully centered in the present moment.

Shanti's focus is on helping you
to see exactly where you are right now.

Shanti Mai empowers her clients through teaching, giving "homework" tools personal to you - - for promoting
self-awareness in the days to come.


Clarify Relationships ~ Resolve Work Issues ~ Resolution to hurts and fears
Access your Intuition / Sense of Inter-connectedness ~ New Options for your life ~ Insight into Health Issues

The more you understand what to expect and what not to expect
the more you will be prepared for your session, and able to obtain the best results.


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What clients are saying:

"Within moments of sitting down with Shanti Mai she was able to access a deep and untapped place in my heart. In a brief, gentle session she helped heal years of pain."

- Noel Mitchell, Seattle, Washington


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