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"Shanti Mai was referred to me by a trusted friend and advisor at
a time when I was doing some serious growth and soul searching. She is a very gifted and special person and I am very glad that
I had this experience with her."

- Lauren Westwater, McMurray, Pennsylvania



Everything is Spiritual, including You!
Shanti Mai teaches you to connect with your True Nature, your Higher Self, your Center, God. The words, the terms? Not important. The experience, however, can be life-changing!

She'll teach you the result of her many years of self-healing, of her intensive study, and her challenging and diverse life experiences.
In many cases, Shanti has literally “been there”.


A: It could, depending on how fixed your ideas are!

- And that leads me to my favorite quote, from 7th grade English class. Honestly, I nearly fell off of my chair when the teacher read this: It was so true! (And it was also a great surprise to me that someone from the dim and distant past could have said something that struck me so profoundly, in the futuristic mod-ness, the hipness that was 1966.)

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes! Don’t be of afraid of the truth. Or, if you are afraid of the Truth, move toward it anyway, to the best of your ability. Even if it means that you need to change, or that you've been wrong for decades. If you're afraid, ask me to meet the change or the fear with you. With experience, you'll learn to trust change. And to trust your own inner guidance that leads you to that change. Leads you to me. That is exactly how God / the Universe teaches us (no matter what you do or do not call it!).

And, by the way- if you're not interested in change, it's best not to call me. My work acts like a catalyst. A loving one, but a catalyst, nonetheless. If you want to stay the same, it’s best that you find another teacher or counselor.

A: No, although there are some with whom I resonate more strongly than others. I’ve found Truth in many, many places – I make it a policy not to discriminate!
See About Shanti Mai if you want to know more.

A: By one of them, yes. An intensive, but short-term teacher who had studied with Poonjaji (“Papaji”), an enlightened student of the Indian saint, Ramana Maharshi.
“Shanti Mai” means “Mother of Peace” in Sanskrit. From that moment (the late ‘90s) on, I couldn’t NOT be – or at least move towards being – Shanti Mai.

A: Many do, but there are always exceptions. Ramana Maharshi, at the age of 16 - following the death of his beloved father - became enlightened by facing his fear of death. No master involved, just his own inner awareness. Eckhardt Tolle also had no master; he became enlightened when, in the depths of a long and bottomless depression, he heard himself think, “I can’t live with myself any longer.” I? and Myself? Not two! And then, like Ramana and others, he became enlightened through his own awareness, without the Grace of a Master.

So: if your life isn’t perfect, you’re in good company! And you’ve got great fodder for enlightenment.
Autobiography of a Yogi is a very beautiful and moving book by Yogananda, an enlightened Indian master who came to the United States to teach early in the 20th century. I recommend it highly!

A: It’s all words!
“Intuitive reading” is a phrase people know to search for when looking for clarity, for guidance. And that’s what a spiritual teacher is all about – providing guidance and clarity. My intuition, my readings - they are all a part of my work as your “auntie dote”.


The term "Spiritual Teacher" does not indicate any religion, but spiritual awareness and the ability to teach! I'm a Spiritual Teacher who is conscious of every step I've made toward enlightenment (toward liberation from ego, liberation from suffering) - and an excellent teacher.
-Shanti Mai


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"Within moments of sitting down with Shanti Mai she was able to access a deep and untapped place in my heart. In a brief, gentle session she helped heal years of pain."

- Noel Mitchell, Seattle, Washington


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