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"Whether your issues are buried deep in the dirt or just under the surface this woman can help. Shanti Mai had a keen sense of knowing how deep to go with me and when. The journey was bittersweet and successful.

Enjoy the surprises along the way!"

-Karen Moore, Anchorage, Alaska (part-time in Langley, WA)

"I was at a place in my life where I felt that I had somehow fallen from Grace and was unable to find my path. Shanti Mai helped me to keep a better eye on my 'compass'.

She was able to very quickly figure out what was blocking my heart and help me to reopen it. I am open again to the call of spirit and comfortable that my path is open before me. "

-Alan Kinsolving, Flagstaff, Arizona


"We were surprised by how much love we both felt from Shanti Mai. We'd had such a hard time, and didn't know what to do.

We both felt that her assessment was clear and insightful. It broke through our stalemate, and we were even able to laugh about it. We understand ourselves, and each other, better now. Many thanks."

-Bobbie & Ray Dalston, Phoenix, Arizona

"Shanti Mai offers insights from a place of depth and wisdom, which somehow touches upon truths one already knows at the core of Being. Her facilitation is gentle and profound.

She is accurate and unflinching in her assessment of inner and outer pieces of the puzzle, sensitive in her perceptions and care of the person sitting with her, and somehow melds strength, wisdom and heart into a blend of support that is uncannily helpful."

-Lucy Loscocco, Castro Valley, California

"....[Shanti] helps the self to hear the inner call to awake. She is enlightening, entertaining, and helpful in facing the fears which cause self-sabotage. She removes the monsters under the bed!

Shanti Mai should be a keynote speaker for any corporation who wants to motivate its team! "

-Leah Taylor, Palos Verdes, California

"Shanti Mai will show you things about yourself and about your life that you think you can't bear to see. And you'll relieved, maybe even laughing, maybe even forgiving yourself. She's a gift!"

- Karilee Barnes, Oakland, California

"I'm an attorney, skeptical of any sort of counseling or therapy, especially anything "metaphysical". But Shanti Mai is different.

I gained more from one session with her than from a dozen sessions with a psychiatrist.

Shanti has the most amazing presence -- radiant and yet grounded. During my session, she immediately saw through the elaborate defenses I've been living behind and lovingly challenged me to embrace my divine self. It was a relief - liberating! - to realize that I could not hide from her.

I feel a bit like a tuning fork: Shanti lovingly "struck" me, and I'm still vibrating to a note I had never heard in myself before."

- Stephen P., Sacramento, California

"Shanti Mai walked into my place of business at the perfect time. I was in desperate need of clarity. She provided just that. We connected instantly. She showed me how to be honest with myself. Shanti Mai guided me through self introspection, helping me find my truth. She has a no fuss method that cuts through the superficial and allows you to do the work, no hiding.

I have worked with Shanti Mai now three times, each time needing to find peace with myself. I now use the tools she has given me in my daily life. I am thankful to have met her and grateful for her loving and caring approach."

Christina La Moglia (owner of The Park Salon in Glen Park)
San Francisco, CA

"Thank you so much for meeting with us today.

"I will be eternally grateful for the gift you have given my [6 yr. old, gifted] son and I. I was not aware I was recreating old relationship patterns from my childhood, and that I was teaching him to close himself off from his heart. 'Thank you' does not begin to describe what I feel inside. You have helped me remember what is truly important and given us both the tools to strengthen our bond and truly live the life we have been given.

"We came home from our meeting with you and were able to use what you taught us to turn around a potentially negative moment into one of reflection and harmony. [My son] was able to take what you said and apply it to the situation at hand. Instead of building a wall and tuning me out, we were able to connect and feel what the other was feeling and try to understand where that frustration was coming from. He was able to open himself to the possibility that I could teach him something new. Once we both reminded ourselves to listen to our hearts, we saw exactly how each of us was affecting the other.

In the short time that we spoke with you, my heart has lightened, and I am now able to release the hurt of my childhood. I think I now have the tools to move on and face a bright future that I hope includes family healing on all levels, starting with me letting my mom back into my life after nearly 4 years of not speaking.

The universal truth you shared with us today has given me the clarity to let light and love back into my life and teach my child by example. I have a renewed hope for our future. We would be honored and blessed to continue to have some sort of connection with you.

I feel so strongly about your healing abilities and your genuine desire to help, that I have told the most important people in my life to seek you out and I will continue to sing your praises and spread the word about your love and generosity to all that I meet. Thank you for being so generous with the gifts you have been given.

Life is beautiful and so are YOU,

- Joy Dulay, Newark, CA

"Like Ammaji, loving and maternal, deep-spirited. But also strong and in-your-face. Shanti Mai turned me right-side out with clarity and compassion."

-Martin Hansen, San Diego, California

"In the midst of darkness and misinformation it's hard to rise above the pain enough to see the Truth. Even a counselor and healer needs a voice from the outside, a bright light to lift one up and illuminate the way. Shanti Mai was just the bright light I needed at a key juncture on my path. She has the gift of compassionate insight and the wisdom that comes from hard-won experience.

She looks into your eyes with a love that touches your soul deep inside, reaches in and finds the knot that needs untying, and offers the precise support you need to untie it. Thanks for being there, Shanti Mai!

Sheryl Karas, Santa Cruz, California

"Shanti Mai was inspirational and right on point. At times I was shocked by her intuition. She was able to see through the words I was using. She understand the real side of things.

It was my pleasure talking with her. I really enjoyed it, I felt like I could talk with her all night.

Shanti - Thank you for your time and concern, and your deep understanding of what reality really is."

- Melonie Madzel, St. Augustine, Florida

"I was really impressed with Shanti, and believe me, I do NOT get impressed easily!

After 30+ years of asking 'why' and needing to know/understand to be able to feel (to be able to heal), she brought knowledge AND clarity AND understanding. Without me saying a word Shanti Mai figured out in less than 1/2 hour the 'why' I have been looking for all these years."

Shanti - may you be blessed tri-fold. "

- Luciane R., Tampa, FloridA

"Shanti Mai's clarity and honesty have helped me to break through some major impasses. I've done a lot of it on my own, with her expert and trusting guidance. It was hard to see the mess I'd created for myself, but in the long run, I am so very glad I did."

- Tim Darden, Atlanta, Georgia

"I can't thank you enough for today. Your love is powerful and I felt you touch my heart. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.

After I got off the phone with you, I cried (hard) for about 20 minutes straight. I wasn't even ready to stop but I made myself because I had an appointment at 10:30am ha ha.... bad idea. In between the sobbing, I heard myself laughing. When I heard myself, it made me laugh harder because I sounded so funny. I laid on my back, spread my arms and lets out and just let it flow. It felt so good to let go like that.

It was awesome talking to you today, and I look forward to the next time. I am all ears and wanting to learn from you and change positively.

Mahalo again....

Aloha, Abe

Abraham Leonard, Waimanalo, Hawaii

"Within the first 5 minutes, Shanti Mai broke through my blindness with her kind-hearted intuition and keen perception. By the end of my 20-minute session I was able to see the issue with more honesty and love than I had thought possible.

Since that time I have felt a strength in myself I forgot I had."

- N. R. Morrison, Louisville, Kentucky

"I was deeply moved by Shanti Mai. It started with her openness and acceptance, and the exquisite quality of her listening. I found myself wanting to share things that I usually keep as secrets for myself only. Her ability to listen deeply for life's most subtle truths, and to see through my rationalizations and drama opened me up to seeing my own inner truth. As a result I have been able to live closer to what really matters to me and to let go of the burdens that come with melodrama. I can love my life with all its problems and imperfections!

I've been peaceful and I want to thank her for that."

- Diane Parris (Clinical Associate Professor - Boston University)

"I was feeling really blocked, confused and overwhelmed. After my phone session with Shanti Mai, I was able to identify and de-compartmentalize what was driving these feelings, and am feeling much better. Thank you!"

- Wendy Zuckowsky, Ventnor, New Jersey

"I am sitting here with the process of deconstruction that I just experienced with Shanti Mai. I did not expect the drama to be stripped away so quickly. She got to the heart of the matter immediately. In the process, I experienced a part of me that I haven't been consciously aware of ; I am floored as to the simplicity of the truth."

- Malaika Durand, Brooklyn, New York

"Wise, compassionate, irreverent, honest. Shanti Mai has walked a step ahead of us, and I'm glad she's turned around to give me a hand up, so that I can benefit from her experience."

- Tod Markum, Schenectady, New York

"Shanti Mai's technique was simple, but very powerful. She helped me quiet my mind and I took a deep breath. Then the emotions came up from inside of me with so much information about my old habits and negative beliefs. What amazed me was, I've been searching and reading for about a decade, but we uncovered something I knew for a long time but had never seriously given any attention to. I'm not a beginner for most kinds of healing - I know what is real or not, and am not gullible. The healing was real.

I believe a genuine healer has a real sense of love, balance of the mind, and integrity. I felt those from Shanti Mai. I was so glad when I saw that in her. So it was pretty easy for me to open myself during the session. When I need another counseling, I will definitely call her again."

- Amy Hill, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I found Shanti Mai's work to be quite inspiring - am grateful for all the times she has helped me. I love Shanti Mai to pieces!"

- Aletha Nowitzky, Ashland, Oregon

"In my recent session with Shanti Mai (my fourth), I was reminded why I seek her help. Shanti combines her gift as a seer with great compassion and understanding that comes from her own depth of experience. Her sessions are like a conversation with a dear friend that knows you well and will listen with empathy, but will challenge you to release all your limiting patterns.

She showed me the many ways I was holding myself back, and helped me frame a new outlook that is currently producing profound results

- Bill Walker, Ashland, Oregon

"Shanti Mai's presence came through to me even in email form. When we spoke on the phone she helped me to see my pattern of dealing with my pain and with its companion, power. I knew from her voice that I was in a safe place to feel and didn't need to go numb, but my old patterns of tuning out took over, anyway.

Shanti Mai was able to ground me back into my body and emotions and gave me a strategy for doing that for myself in the future. I can now see what growing awareness could be like and am less afraid of the power I've kept hidden under pain. She reminded me of what I already knew (and I needed to hear). She saw my biggest fear and still loved me.

It was an intensely connected experience to talk to her and feel her seeing into my consciousness and guiding it."

Thanks again. Love,

-Lauren Cleff, Portland, Oregon

"Shanti Mai, thank you! Satsang was remarkable. Although I didn't go up and sit with you, the experience touched me deeply. You said that whatever message one person was given applied to all of us. It did. Not just in a general way, but very specifically. The experience was profoundly healing. Many things have shifted for me, including the ability to write a children's book I've long wanted to do. The compassion and love that you shared with us that evening continues to blossom in my heart."

- Elizabeth King, Eugene, Oregon

"I felt like I already knew Shanti Mai. In a very short time she helped me get clarity about the dynamics of my relationship and provided me with insights that have helped me take steps to improve the situation.

I had been reading a lot of Indian Mysticism - Gangaji, Eli, and Nisagardatta Maharaj, so it seemed like our meeting was predestined. Shanti Mai's love and compassion provide a safe environment for dealing with all of life's challenges."

- Paul Flashenberg, Eugene, Oregon

"I'm someone with a life-long interest in Metaphysics and eastern spiritual traditions who is nonetheless skeptical of many Healers and psychics, but it only took me a few minutes of working with Shanti Mai to determine that she was the genuine article.

With very little knowledge of my personal history, Shanti Mai was able to accurately assess my life situation, guiding me out of the maze of mental suffering, and teaching me some very simple techniques for reconnecting with my heart and my original, unblemished nature. I'm still reaping the benefits from my one session with her, and would strongly recommend that anyone going through life crisis or change, or looking for spiritual guidance, contact Shanti Mai; she'll be able to help you in ways that no other counselor can."

- Bill Bardo, Eugene, Oregon

"Shanti Mai is very compassionate and easy to talk to. I felt very
comfortable with her during my phone session.

I received some very powerful insights that I will be contemplating in
the days to come. I will highly recommend Shanti to my friends and

- Brenda S., Corvallis, Oregon

"I have had sessions with traditional therapists and counselors, none of whom reached into the depth of my Being with such ease. With compassion, Shanti Mai brought into sharp focus the crux of my difficulties, presenting me with tools I could use on my own. Shanti Mai is an ever-encompassing and empathic soul who brings forth true and immediate healing, transferring the energy of her presence, and the power of her vision, to those who seek her out."

- Bob Kennedy, Eugene, Oregon

"A dental client of mine, previously unable to relax enough to allow a needed root canal treatment, rescheduled and contacted Shanti Mai for help. Sedative and narcotic drugs are often used in such situations, but my client refused to take such drugs.

At the next attempt, Shanti Mai was immediately able to help our client connect with and resolve deep-seated fears that were affecting their ability to relax and cooperate.

"Shanti Mai's ability to connect with a person's innermost feelings is exceptional and can be a great asset in helping those who have difficulties facing relatively unpleasant medical or dental procedures."

- Dr. Richard N. Smith, DDS, Smile Institute, Eugene, Oregon

"Shanti maintains such a loving and supportive energy it is easy for me to open up to my vulnerable issues. I am amazed at how quickly she tunes into my emotional state and my needs. She helps me see things about myself and my situation and to work though my feelings swiftly and easily. Shanti is my spiritual counselor of choice, even though we live over 400 miles apart. Unlike other counsellors, I call her when I need counseling and she gets back with me in a timely manner. "

-Shawndeya Costello, Marcola, Oregon

"I will not forget Shanti Mai or her energy. I saw and felt that energy upon entering the church [for Satsang]. I still hear her words of insight, especially about looking at others as a reflection of self."

-Linda Todd, Eugene, Oregon

"Shanti Mai was referred to me by a trusted friend and advisor at a time when I was doing some serious growth and soul searching. I had an hour phone session with her (and it flew by in what seemed like minutes).

The best way to describe my experience is this: I took a walk down my path of fear, knowing that I needed to face them in order to grow and get past them. I did that, but I did not go there alone. Shanti Mai was right there, holding my hand and guiding me - so that I could see them for what they were - limiting beliefs - that I had the power to let go of any time I was ready to. It was quite an emotional experience. She also taught me how to "go to that place" by myself and do the work alone, if I choose to.

She is a very gifted and special person and I am very glad that I had this experience with her. Thank you Shanti Mai.

- Lauren Westwater, McMurray, Pennsylvania

"A curious and powerful mix of serious help and lighthearted, brave love. Shanti's laser love can cut you free!"

- Roger White, San Antonio, Texas

"Shanti Mai is one of those rare people with loving insights that can really help us to see ourselves clearly. I asked Shanti a serious question that was bugging me and she gave me a very insightful answer that immediately made sense and resolved my concern. She has many wonderful resources to draw from and was really helpful. I think Shanti Mai is aspecial person who is anchoring the light and goodness into this reality!"

- Charlotte Brown, Austin, Texas

"What impressed me most about Shanti Mai was her dedication to getting me the information I needed. Not the information that would impress me, or the information that would "prove" her psychic abilities, but what I really needed to hear. I found her to be a master at combining authenticism with compassion, making sure that while I heard her more difficult message loud and clear, I also heard her sincere caring and desire to help.

Her practice of providing audio recordings of our session is invaluable, and enables further meditation on everything that happened during our time together. I would definitely recommend Shanti Mai's readings to anyone searching for clarity both in their endeavors, and in their view of themselves. "

My heart to yours,
-Tori Perry, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Shanti lovingly and firmly guided me to realize how I brought pain into my life (and others) because of how I defined what it meant to love others and have them love me. My reaction to childhood experiences created a trap for myself. Shanti safely brought me to realize that I had it wrong by challenging me to look at my life without pretending I didn't know. Her certainty that I knew for myself what was true pushed me deeper to discover that the answers were indeed within me.

What I have discovered for myself through this experience of being "emotionally aligned" is that it is the gift that keeps giving. With this new self awareness long held misunderstandings are being replaced by new joyful understandings, each and every day! The energy that it took to hold onto unhealthy beliefs has been turned towards healing.

I would highly recommend Shanti as a responsible Emotional Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Counselor. It was such a small investment to have gained so much. Thank you Shanti :)

Valerie from Olympia, WA

Shanti -
"I saw you last year for a session, and my mind, heart, and spirit have opened up like never before.
"You helped me find the confidence to join a band, Titanium Sporkestra, and now I have just got off of my first tour (a week in San Fran and Marin County w/over 20 performances). We also played around Seattle and Portland for the past 6 months! You already knew this was going to unfold.
This 'Thank You' is sooooooo long overdue and I will always remember what you have helped me unleash!"
- Richard Brown, Seattle (Georgetown), Washington

"Delightful, amazing sessions ~ Understanding, wisdom, love and joy take root and bloom where once grew only weeds of confusion.

Truly a life-transforming experience to work with you, Shanti Mai! Highest recommendation to anyone considering a session."

- Ephemera Wilde, Bellingham, WA

"Shanti Mai is a truly gifted and talented emotional healer. She has a warmth and spirit about her that makes it feel safe and comfortable to open up, yet her gentle confrontation inspires further growth and exploration. During our first session, she challenged my unconscious resistance and within 15 minutes I was shedding tears for emotions I was not aware even existed. She helped me open a portal in my heart to release past hurts and become more open and receptive for the love I have been craving.

In a mere two sessions with Shanti, I gained more insight and wisdom into my sadness, anger, fear, and love than I had in 10 months of weekly psychotherapy.

She allowed me to get out of my head and back into my heart, something that traditional psychotherapy has inhibited. Shanti Mai helped me touch the tenderness within my soul without being afraid, and for that I will always be truly grateful.

- Julia Barker, Seattle, WA, MA in Psychology

"Shanti has an amazing ability to tap into your 'self'....and then help you untangle the barriers you have created that prevent the light from shining both in and out."

- Charlie Comstock, Sequim, Washington
"I've had a lot of counselors in my life and have lost count of the number of all the sessions that never helped me face who I really am. I was languishing in a terrible emotional state one day, having given all my power to a beautiful woman, or to be brutally honest, to someone who was devouring me in my need for acceptance.

Suddenly I reached a place where I was ready to face the pain I was creating for myself, and at that moment, Shanti Mai walked into the room and sat with me. She suddenly had had a strong urge to go to where I was, appeared, like a miracle, and helped me to face the demons that had been torturing me for decades.

What a major powerhouse of a human being! This was a major Plot Point in my life.

Shanti - Thanks for giving me a VIP ticket for the front row seat in my own life."

- Paul Turcott, Seattle, Washington

"Shanti Mai is extremely gifted. I would highly recommend anyone to see her if they want to clarify any issues and shift to a new level (perspective/understanding).

- Shayala Diamond, Fairhaven (Bellingham), Washington

"I have had a number of readings with Shanti Mai... She cuts deep and straight to the problem, and has fantastic suggestions and advice always. I appreciate her honest straightforward manner, and she is always kind, not harsh with my realities. I am fortunate to have met her. She has been a great help for me in many ways at many times in my life."

- Suzan Bobette, Seattle, Washington

"Shanti Mai has the ability to connect with a person's soul - through the heart - instantaneously. "

- Michon D'Artell, Vashon Island, Washington

"Shanti - Everything I write seems so shallow in comparison to what I am still experiencing because of the breakthrough that occurred in my session with you:

"Shanti Mai's intuitive brilliance brought me to a pinnacle of enlightenment I had not realized it was necessary to scale. Her questions are poignant, her insight, extraordinary. Shanti Mai's guidance is a gift of eternal sunshine and continues to be a strong cornerstone for self-realization long after a session.

Her voice, her laughter, her tears, her presence - always present in my consciousness - have become sources of immense strength for the path I have chosen to follow.

I am ever grateful for the kind and loving manner in which Shanti Mai shares her devotion."

- Janet Kingsley, Bellingham, Washington

"Shanti Mai takes off masks we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within. When I began my Intuitive Phone Session, I was very lost. I had just left my job and for the first time I didn't have a direction, or a goal, or a purpose. I immediately felt at ease with her warm heart and humor.

"Shanti guided me to the truth I had so long pushed aside and allowed me to confront and understand what had caused me to do that. By helping me to confront the walls I had built, she unearthed a pain I didn't know I had, the reason behind many of my choices.

"After my phone session with Shanti Mai, I felt clarity, peace, and an unexplainable completeness. To anyone who is contemplating an Intuitive Reading with Shanti Mai, I would tell them yes, absolutely. Because sometimes we don't know how lost we are until someone points us in the right direction."

- Jacqueline Cramer, Seattle, Washington

"Shanti Mai's unique style of counseling opened up a dialogue in our marriage. It has enabled us to talk without fighting and has taught me how to be emotional instead of angry.

The work we did that day continues to resonate and illuminate. I suggest that anyone who feels they need help in their marriage or life try Shanti's Intuitive Counseling, especially if you have been turned off by other types of talk therapy."

- Pamela Scharaga & Danny Shaw, Port Townsend, Washington

"Shanti Mai provided me with a much needed shift in perspective on a personally challenging issue. She guided me through my own personal jungle."

- Robert Bystrom, Bellingham, Washington

"Thank you so much for your brilliance.
<3 Shine On, Shanti Mai! <3"

- Maura Garland, Seattle, WA

"I wanted to thank you again for officiating at our wedding. It was very special for Adele and me both...I can't begin to describe it. But she has talked often about how perfect it was for her."

Yours in peace and love,

- Charles John Olsen, Joyce, Washington

"I took Shanti Mai's Intuition class and was wonderfully surprised at how easily my abilities came forward with Shanti Mai's loving, gentle yet persistent guidance. As a result I am much more confident and have new skills and far greater knowledge of my own strengths.

This class exceeded my expectations by breaking away the barriers that had previously kept me from getting in tune with my own intuition."

Thank you, Shanti Mai.

- Tana Leach, Port Townsend, Washington

"Shanti Mai speaks directly to my soul. She is so present and clear with me that my spirit is moved powerfully. Very old conflicts within me have begun to resolve through our work together.

Shanti Mai creates a safe and nurturing yet confronting interaction that cannot help but move one out of stuck places. She has provided healing and resolution in deep places within me."

- Britten S. Poulson, MA, Seattle, Washington

"After our phone session the words that kept coming were how magical! Though she had never met us, Shanti Mai connected with both of us easily & quickly while providing detail that was illuminating and supportive. She is truly a Seer, and by far one of the best we've spoken to in years.

Thank you for your inspiration and humor!"

- Mary & Lilly Willard, Nine Mile Falls, Washington

"I felt totally validated in my own intuitions - and Shanti lovingly pointed out the part I couldn't let myself see. Thank you!"

- Sherri Burns, Seattle, Washington

"Shanti Mai helped me to find the person I've been looking for - - me!"

- Jane Greenhalgh, Port Hadlock, Washington

"I drove 45 miles to the Yakima Psychic Fair to find out why I was having heart problems, high blood pressure and chronic bronchitis. I was immediately drawn to Shanti Mai's table. Her reading was right on the mark. She pointed to my chest and said I was blocked in the heart area, that I didn't trust people, just nature and the universe. That's me.

As I worked with Shanti's information over the next couple of months my chest pains went away, my blood pressure is normal and I have only had bronchitis once, which went away when I examined and changed (as Shanti had taught me) what was going on in my life at the time. This was all perfect timing, because I got pregnant just a couple weeks later!"

- Amy Zook, Sunnyside, Washington

"Shanti Mai gently brought me into the present moment and proceeded to facilitate a link to my heart and spirit. She illuminated the shadows with non-judgemental clarity and insight. Blessed Be, Shanti."

- Craig Johnson, Port Hadlock, Washington

"Within moments of sitting down with Shanti Mai she was able to access a deep and untapped place in my heart. In a brief, gentle session she helped heal years of pain. I wasn't consciously aware that these issues even needed to be dealt with. She provided safe, gentle mothering love and deep knowing - things I had never experienced before with another human soul. She helped to transform me to an entirely new experience. I will forever be grateful for her role in my new life."

- Noel Mitchell, Seattle, Washington

"Shanti Mai helped me to open my heart in a way that I never had before. I had never had anyone so gently and lovingly pierce through my fear and wall of resistance. She gave me permission to receive like never before, created a spaciousness...opened a door...I let go and moved from "recovery" to LIFE! I knew exactly what it was going to take in order to heal, and I knew, deep in my heart, that I was never going to fear love again. My life has continued to open up, and miracle after miracle has taken place. I will forever be grateful to Shanti Mai."

- Kathy Aye, Seattle, Washington

"Gentle is the word for Shanti Mai. Her soft controlled energy gently pulled me to her. I left with an inner peace. My life quickly changed as I followed my intuition. I left a bad relationship, my miserable job, and signed the lease for my first own place. Much love and peace goes to Shanti Mai who helped me listen to my heart."

- Angela Fisher, Seattle, Washington

"I had been searching for another path, having reached middle age. My life was in turmoil and I didn't know which way to turn. Shanti Mai helped me find direction, a path I am now pursuing, and my life is changing. All in a very short 15 minutes."

- Ben Johnston, Seattle, Washington

"Shanti Mai, with her joy-filled warmth and pure heartedness, is a servant of the truth. I recommend her work to anyone with a sincere desire to find the freedom that lies behind their suffering!"

- Flay Wahl, Langley (Whidbey Island), Washington

"I walked into the small booth with an annoying weight of conscience, driven by fear and anger...Shanti embraced and freed the emotional disturbance within me, which gave me the freedom to choose the path. Now I walk."

- Kevin "Doc" Puccia, Seattle, Washington

"When I returned to Wisconsin, Kristine Gay, my counselor of three years, was very impressed with the results I had acheived in my one session with Shanti Mai, results which she found to be quite remarkable.

I was very confused when I went to see Shanti Mai. I was attracted to seeing her for help after reading the testimonials which were quite striking. Also I felt she had a similar background with which I could relate: experience with meditation and she seemed grounded to me. She was able in our 45 minute session to guide me through a direct experience of re-connecting to my self, my heart.

I was surprised how she quietly guided me, to quiet my mind, through a series of questions; As my mind became quiet, my energy dropped to my heart, where all the answers cound be felt, in that innocent place, that had become sort of numb though the years. I had been feeling confused, trying to figure it all out, mentally...

Also offered was a technique of staying connected to my heart, with eyes open meditation so I could continue practicing in any interaction.... I found this to be so powerfully essential, because coming from source energy is where truth of intention can accomplish it's goal, which is to be grounded and guided.

So, I highly recommend Shanti Mai to anyone who is in need of connecting to back their source, and promoting the growth of the soul. "

- Robert Gimbel, Verona, Wisconsin

"In my session, I felt truly supported and loved, guided back to my higher self,
my own innate wisdom and strength activated.

Having studied Process work with Arny Mindell, I was aware of a similar
approach of respecting and listening to and engaging all aspects of me that
showed up and needed attention. Though Shanti Mai had no knowledge of
Process work, I would say she has wonderful, loving 'metaskills'."

- Susan Cogan, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

"I was greeted with a warm and loving presence. Shanti's sincerity of heart to sit with me while I settled into myself was comforting. I felt safe to be honest with myself and free to express my needs, unafraid. She held my hand every step of the way, literally.

The discoveries I made in my session are still resonating today. Thank you for your kindness, Shanti."

-Sal Sabella, Victoria, BC

"Everything has come into focus now. I wish I'd called Shanti Mai sooner, I could have saved myself a lot of frustration."

- Jerry Richards, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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What clients are saying:

I received some very powerful insights that I will be contemplating in the days to come. I will highly recommend Shanti to my friends and family."

- Brenda S., Corvallis, Oregon


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